About Us

Peoples Care Ltd is a domiciliary care service company. We are registered as a care service provider with the Care Quality Commission. We offer skilled and compassionate care to enable people supported by us to achieve their optimum state of health and well being, both mental and physical. Our users will be treated with respect and their dignity upheld.

Each person under our care is an unique individual and as such we recognise the individual need for personal fulfilment which most certainly will vary from one person to another; for that we offer individualised programmes of meaningful activity tailored to your needs and wishes as assessed by us in consultation with you.


PEOPLES CARE LTD is committed to supporting vulnerable people so that they can continue to live their lives with dignity and independence, and be participating members of their own communities. We are committed to meeting the needs of those people entrusted to our care. In fulfilling this commitment we are guided by our mission of contributing to the achievement of the highest quality of life for our service users, staff members and society at large, through providing support and high quality care that enhances the life experience and development of the individual.

The basic principles underlying our support to vulnerable people include:

Privacy and Dignity

We aim to respect Service Users’ privacy and dignity at all times.
• All Service Users have the right to be alone or undisturbed and to be free from public attention or intrusion into their private affairs. The staff of The Agency are guests in premises of the Service User. Staff will enter a Service User’s property and rooms within the property only with express consent.
• Staff of The Agency respect the rights of Service User’ to make telephone calls without being overheard or seen by a worker.
• Records will be designed, used and stored so as to assure privacy. Legislative controls over records, such as the Data Protection Act, will be adhered to, and the Service User’s explicit permission in writing will be sought before information is passed to any person other than those directly concerned with the care of the Service User.
• Records will be made available to the Service User’s principal Carer and family according to the wishes of the Service User.
• Service user dignity is a matter of prime importance to us, and all staff receive training in this area.
• The user will be asked for the name by which he/she wishes to be addressed and this name will be recorded on his/her Service User Plan and used by all staff. The users are perfectly entitled to ask that their principal carers use one name, and others use another name. The level of familiarity is under his/her control. In the absence of information to the contrary, staff will address the service users formally, using their title and surname.
• Staff are trained to be sensitive to service users’ feelings when in company.
• The Agency seeks to reduce any feelings of vulnerability which Service Users may have as a result of disability or illness.
They can speak out, or speak to the supervisor or Registered Manager if their privacy or dignity is not being respected.

Confidentiality of Information

The service users’ rights to confidentiality will be safeguarded. The care worker will not disclose any personal information about the service user to a third party unless this has been agreed with the individual. Agreement to disclose information should only be sought if it is for his/her benefit, e.g. for the purpose of assisting in their support.


The service users’ social, emotional, cultural, political and sexual needs are accepted and respected, and will be incorporated in the care package that will be tailor-made for providing care.

Consultation and Review

By respecting client’s choice, independence and control over the care being offered, the service users will be consulted in preparing the care package for the daily living arrangements. Changes to the package will be necessary due to change of circumstances and conditions of the client, but any proposed changes to those arrangements will be discussed with the client and agreed upon before being implemented. They will be fully involved in and informed with respect to the individual assessment of their support needs, because they have a right to be consulted in a careful and thorough assessment of their needs and wishes, and to be informed of the outcome. Our commitment will be to find the best and most cost effective way of meeting their needs and aspirations. They will be supported to make informed choices about the future; this will obviously be incorporated in their care plan.

The service user will have a regular review, at least once a month, of his/her individual circumstances with the Agency. It will be made on an individual basis, according to assessed need

Personal Choice

The care worker will support the service users to exercise their personal choice in opportunities and lifestyle, ensuring that they are central to all decisions being made. If, for reasons of mental frailty, they are not able to participate fully in Service User Planning, consideration will nevertheless be given to their wishes, as far as these are expressed and are practical. We welcome designated advocates in this context.

Account will also be taken of the needs and rights of carers to lead their lives without unreasonable levels of demand and stress, so that optimum care can be given.

Supporting Independence

The service users will be supported to take risks on the basis of their own, informed opinion. They will have the opportunity to think, act and make decisions. This will include the capacity to incur a degree of calculated risk.

Family and Friends:
The service users will be supported to maintain access to family, friends, facilities and the wider community.

Rights to Services Information and Legal Rights
The service users will be fully informed about the Services provided by PEOPLES CARE LTD. and their legal rights.

The service users will be fully informed about their medication needs and supported in making decisions in relation to medical treatment whenever possible.

The principles and practices outlined above will be guided by prior commitments imposed by health and safety or statutory Requirements.


The below standards are from the care Quality Commission leaflet ‘What standards you have a right to expect from the regulation of agencies that provide care in your own home’

To be involved and told what’s happening at every stage of the service users’ treatment:
The service user (or someone acting on your behalf) will be involved in discussions about his /her care, treatment and support. The service users will get support if they need it to help them make decisions and staff will respect their privacy and dignity. Before the individual receives any examination, care, treatment or support, he/she will be asked whether or not he/she agrees to it.

Care, treatment and support that meets the individuals’ needs:
The services users’ personal needs will be assessed to make sure they get safe and appropriate care that supports their rights. The service users will get the care that they and their social care professionals agree will make a difference to their health and wellbeing. The individuals care needs are coordinated if they move from one care provider to another. Staff respect the service user’s’ cultural background, gender, aged, sexual orientation, religion or belief and disability if he/she has one.

To be safe when using a service:
The service users will be protected from abuse or the risk of abuse, and staff will respect their human rights. If their home care agency is providing nursing care, they will get the medicines they need, when they need them, and in a safe way.

To be cared for by staff with the right skills to do their jobs properly:
The service users will be cared for by staff who have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to meet their health and welfare needs. They will be looked after by staff who are well managed and have the chance to develop and improve their skills

PEOPLES CARE LTD routinely checks the quality of its services:
The managers of PEOPLES CARE LTD will continuously monitor the quality of their services to make sure the service users receive the support they need. The individuals’ personal records will be accurate and kept safe and confidential. The service users or someone acting on their behalf can complain and will be listened to. Complaint will be dealt with properly.