Frequently Asked Questions

1. What care do you provide, where and at what price?

We provide domiciliary care which includes personal care, social and domestic support with a focus on helping you to live independently and with dignity in your own home. We also give specialist care for more complex medical and health conditions such as dementia, incontinence, and so on.

We provide this care in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Price will be on average £12.50 per hour. The actual price that you will pay depends upon the scale of your needs which will be assessed by visiting and consulting with you. Then a price will be quoted to you which you will have the option to accept or refuse.
The provision of complex care dictates that the rate will be higher, but you will be given a quote which you can then consider.

2. What do you call good quality service, and how do you guarantee quality service for me if I sign up with you?

We are totally committed to delivering the highest quality service, with a motto of helping you achieve the best quality of life. The quality of our service is ensured by meticulously meeting the quality requirement as given by the Care Quality Commission. We not only try to meet those criteria, but indeed work hard to exceed them. Some of these are: carer attending on time, giving you necessary time (as agreed in the care plan), noting your regular feedback, by carrying out a monthly review, and encouraging you to raise any issue that you are not happy about with the Peoples Care management. You will do this by following our complaints procedure without any concern of a negative view from our management.

The quality is maintained by ourselves regularly monitoring the service we are providing for you, and noting any point of dissatisfaction communicated to us by you. Any lack in quality spotted by us or brought to our notice by you will be rectified and given utmost priority.

3. How can you get involved to ensure that the services that are available locally meet your aspirations for the future?

This is ensured by creating the care plan together with you where your needs will be properly assessed, reflecting your aspirations and desires. The care plan will be agreed by you, and then we will follow that plan in delivering our service to you.
4. What is meant by choice and control – and what choices are available to you in terms of service, delivery or carer?

The care plan and the service delivered according to it are in your control, because you will be able to change them. The choice of service and the method of delivery will be devised to meet your desires and aspirations.

5. How flexible is the service offered and would it remain under Peoples Care control regardless of the purchase/payment mechanism?

No. It will effectively remain under your control. The nature and quantity of service in terms of time commitment of our carer to you, the medical and other supports given will change over time. The care plan is flexible to accommodate all these changes

6. Can I contact my carer outside care hours or outside the office hour?

Unfortunately, no. If you need any help when the assigned carer is not with you or after office hours, you should call the 24 hr telephone number 07912 037615. If it is an emergency you can dial 999 or ask one of your family or a neighbour to do that for you.
7. How do I pay for (either from your own pocket or via your council’s personal budget) the type of care I need and what other personal or community resources might I be able to draw upon?

In many care cases, the local authority funds the payment to care agencies like us. You may already be eligible for such fund which can then be paid direct to us or to yourself, and you then pay us.

Depending upon your financial situation, you may be eligible to get the full funding for your care, or part of it. In calculating how much you will get, they will take into consideration your income and assets.

We can help you by giving the link to which you or your designated person can find out about your entitlement and then apply for the grants to cover the expenses of your care.

8. As a service user, what can I expect of the staff?

Peoples Care takes great care in recruiting their staff, making sure they have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to meet the service users’ health and welfare needs. Their skill and knowledge will be continually improved by giving them further on-going training.

The service users will be protected from abuse or the risk of abuse, and staff will respect their human rights.

Each of our carers is CRB checked, and their qualifications and training course attendances are thoroughly vetted by checking the authenticity of CRB certificates and certificates of training. If you so wish, we can show them to you for your confidence.